Since 2016 we running Northolt Islamic Centre 159-161 Church Road, Northolt UB5 5AG near the Target Roundabout of A40 as a small musallah in a rented place. In 2019, we bought a building at by raising funds through donations and Qarde hasanah.

Alhamdullilah, we got a planning permission for Masjid and building work has been started to convert the ground floor into Masjid. Contractors promised us to complete the project before Ramadan but then this Covid 19 situation emerged and starting effecting everyone.

As all other places of worship our Masjid is also closed since March 20, however building works are still ongoing as per schedule to complete all works before Ramadan. Right now 80% works are complete and we are desperately need funds to pay off construction bills. We urgently required £100k to pay construction bills and old Qarde Hasanah and the closures of places of worship has effected us badly in terms of our planning to raise funds to pay builders to complete the job and to return the qarde Hasanah as per promises made to individuals. I know it’s very difficult time for everyone and many of us facing hardships in our business but I will still beg you and urge you to dig deep in your pockets and contribute towards this noble cause to complete this project. You can make donation to the bank account below جزاک اللہ خیر

Need of Masjid In the Area

  1. 3000 Muslims in Northolt

  2. Prayer facilities for Borough Brothers only

  3. Nearby Mosques – Greenford, Harrow, Southall

  4. Parking issue for Travellers

  5. No Islamic Education Centre for children

  6. No community support for Muslim brothers and sisters


  • 10 years of effort

  • Started from back of a meat shop in June 2016

  • Continuous support from brothers from Northolt and surroundings

  • Small place for 10 to 15 brothers

  • Offered 5 times daily prayer

  • Offered Jummah prayer

  • Offered Tarabih prayer

Jumma & Eid Prayer

  • Offered at Islip Community Centre

  • 150 to 300 people

  • Sister’s facility

  • Plenty parking space in the neighborhood

Existing Place

  • Rented, £1500/month

  • Back of Fosia Salon at Church Road

  • Fully packed when in use

  • Up to 80 Brothers

  • Offers 5 times prayer

  • Offers Tarabih prayer

Ifter and Dinner Gathering

  • Full iftar followed by dinners in the month of Ramadan

  • Supported by local brothers

  • Occasional dinners to meetup local brothers

Fund Collection

  • Actively sends request to other Mosques

  • Supported by local brothers

  • Visited from Wembley to Slough

Permanent Place

  • Bought in Feb 19

  • Two shops away from existing place

  • Three storey building

  • Can take 250 to 300 peple

  • Council approved prayer place

  • Can follow Regent Mosque time table during Ramadan

  • Sisters’ facility

  • Project cost £600K

  • Outstanding Qardh Hasanah £340K

  • Funding required for refurbishment £150K

  • Building work has been given to local business

Future Plan

  • Educational Classes for kids and adults

  • Community gatherings

  • Social activities

  • Youth development

  • Madrassah for Kids (boys and girls)